My work is something most of us can presently relate to, when I paint I am pulling from my innermost feelings of being on the precipice of a vast expanse, and the means I have to keep up with loved ones on the other side, something which has always been, for me, a natural phenomenon in today’s transient society, however, this currently applies to everyone with the present state of our world.

My emotional land and seascapes explore distance, connectivity and forgotten means of communication which I present in a fusion of paint and experimental textures with elements of collage work, sometimes I sew into my paintings.
I invite the viewer to dive in and stay a while.


Edinburgh College of Art / Heriot Watt University, Scotland, UK – BA Honors 1985 – 1989


Former Artist in Residence, Glade Gallery and Arts Foundation


Previous independent art educator at private international and Montessori schools as well as teaching private adult classes from my studio.

Freelance art writer.

Former Curator for Glade Gallery, The Woodlands, TX


1989 – 1997 – Employed as fashion designer before starting my own apparel business.

1997 – 2005 – Houston, Texas, Scotland, Singapore, Dubai, UAE – artist, art educator, fashion company owner, fashion shows, selling and exhibiting my paintings and designs.

2005 – present – Houston, Texas – USA citizen, art educator, exhibiting artist, artist in residence, gallery curator, published art writer.

2022 – 2023 – Previous member artist at Houston Art Collective, Archway Gallery.

Art exhibition juror/curator/artist/writer.